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Holly Martin

How Should I Go About Getting my Father to Sign his Inheritance to Me?

Author: Holly Martin|Posted on: June 19, 2016

A little over a year ago my grandfather passed away from cancer. He had a trust set up for my father and his sister (my aunt). My father was the beneficiary and she is listed as a special needs. My father has recently been incarcerated and is willing to sign over his inheritance to me… Read More

Holly Martin

How To Child Support When Child Turns 18

Author: Holly Martin|Posted on: June 11, 2016

How do we stop child support on an 18 year old that has moved in with us? My 18 year old step-son has moved in with us and he still has 1 year left in high school , so 1 year left on child support order. Clerk of court told us the paper work was… Read More

Holly Martin

Common Law Marriage Spouse Death, With No Will

Author: Holly Martin|Posted on: June 10, 2016

My girlfriend and I have been together for 6 or 7 years she was disabled and she passed away 3 days ago. What legal rights do I have? Am I entitled to anything such as money? I’ve been taking care of her for 7 years of my life, helping her in every aspect of her life. Am… Read More

Holly Martin

What Are My Options for Hospital Debt?

Author: Holly Martin|Posted on: May 23, 2016

I received a summons to appear for a hospital debt. What are my options? I’m unemployed with zero income. What should I do? I don’t own a home. Have a huge car payment and cost of living to try and afford. Anytime you have been sued, the creditor is coming after your paycheck or your bank… Read More

Holly Martin

Right of Survivorship Laws for Wills in Arkansas

Author: Holly Martin|Posted on: April 21, 2016

I live in Springdale, AR and my husband has recently passed away. He had a will drawn up before we were married . His daughter is the executor. Do I have any rights as his wife? She is trying to take a car from me that was purchased by my husband right before his death . Do… Read More

Holly Martin

Bankruptcy Filers Continue to be Targeted

Author: Holly Martin|Posted on: November 6, 2015

The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) is urging members to remain in communication with present and past clients regarding bankruptcy “con-artists” posing as attorneys. Over the past few weeks, NACBA has issued a consumer bulletin and been in contact with the courts and media regarding this well orchestrated scam. Warnings have been issued by the… Read More

Holly Martin

Should I Seek Joint or Full Custody if my Wife Had an Affair?

Author: Holly Martin|Posted on: May 30, 2015

I need advice whether to seek full custody or joint custody. My wife has had 11 affairs in the last year and now wants to move. She wants to take our daughter and get a divorce. One lawyer told me that joint custody was my best option and another lawyer says that I should definitely go… Read More

Eric Backstrom

How is Custody Decided?

Author: Eric Backstrom|Posted on: May 4, 2015

Who is most likely to get custody when parents divorce? The answer might surprise you. Today, courts ask which parent is more likely to provide a safe, loving and stable home life for the child. They do not automatically grant custody to the mother, nor does one parent’s significantly higher income improve their odds with… Read More

Holly Martin

Breach of Contract for Returning a Car

Author: Holly Martin|Posted on: April 19, 2015

Can I be found guilty for breach of contract for giving a car back to the car lot that I could not pay. The pre-owned car was sold to me at more than twice its value and was sold at auction after I gave it back. What you are describing here is called a voluntary… Read More

Holly Martin

Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Securing a Car Loan

Author: Holly Martin|Posted on: April 19, 2015

If I file Chapter 7 and able to secure a reasonable loan that pays off in 48 months, would this affect my discharge? Also why do creditors want to wait until your chapter 7 341 meeting before they finance to you. I thought you can’t add anything to your bankruptcy after you file in chapter… Read More

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