Chapter 7

Many families look for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get a clean start. Many people think of Chapter 7 as a total liquidation bankruptcy but that does not usually mean that you will actually lose your home, your car, your savings, or any other of your property. However, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be risky and our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help decide if this chapter is right for you.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is most common for someone who does not have much property or possessions and is not late on a car payment or a house payment. To qualify to file a Chapter 7, your income must be less than the average, or median, income in your area. If you are late on your payments or your income is higher than the average, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be right for you.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is usually very quick. In many cases, your attorney will have your bankruptcy finished in as little as four months and you will be off to your fresh start.

Because a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is so quick, all of the attorney fee and filing fees and costs have to be paid before your lawyer can file your case. If the amount of money needed to file is a challenge, you might qualify to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy first, and later change to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Usually, only the filing fees and costs have to be paid before a Chapter 13 is filed and this can sometimes mean that your attorney can file your case faster. Call our us today for a free first visit to find out how bankruptcy can help you.


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