Can I Get a Divorce if All I Have is My Husband’s Parents’ Address?

My husband went on another drinking binge and I don’t know where he’s at. I’m tired of thinking someone might call me to tell me that he was found dead somewhere or to tell me it’s my duty to verify his body because I’m his wife. He obviously doesn’t care about anyone, but himself. I have been separated longer than I’ve been married and for my health, I need to let go. There’s nothing wrong with having hope, but it’s irrational to expect my hopes will change him.

Can I file for divorce if all I have is his parents’ address? I don’t have any other address for him and his family could care less to help me. I want to be done.

The short answer is yes. You must have grounds for divorce, but if you have been separated for longer than 18 months that, alone, is grounds for divorce in Arkansas. The only thing you will need is his last known address, even if that is your address. You will definitely need an attorney because the law is very clear about the steps to obtain a divorce when you are serving your husband without knowing his actual location and these steps are complex. Missing even one of them, or doing one of the steps incorrectly, means that the Judge will not grant the divorce when you go to Court and you will have to begin the whole process again from the beginning.