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Can My Wages Be Garnished By a Loan Agency or Bank?

About a month ago a lady from a loan agency contacted my father and stated she was from a bank and needed to talk with me. My dad gave her my number and she called and pretty much-demanded info from me and stated that if I don’t start paying a $100 they were going to start garnishing my wages. I do recall a loan but not a private loan and when I asked her for more info she couldn’t tell me anything but a name Employment Services no details of the loan or anything. I feel like this could be a scam I tried to call the lady back and got forwarded to 5 different reps. However, she did call me back because she was sent an email that I was calling for her. I can't remember receiving any mail from this agency although she claims I have. I’m lost and confused what should I do?

If the loan agency or bank has a judgment against you, they definitely can garnish your paycheck. Send them a Debt Validation Letter to make sure. If it’s validated, that means they would get 25% of your take-home pay. I would recommend you talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney in your area who can tell you what judgments show against you and help you talk through whether bankruptcy is an option you should consider.

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