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How do you determine who will be selected as adoptive parents?

We meet with the birth mother in a confidential setting to ask what her wishes are for parents for her child--religious preference, age, local or out of state, open or closed adoption, stay-at-home parent or both working, siblings, ethnicity, and many other factors. During this meeting, the birthmother indicates what level of contact with the child in the future she wants the adoptive couple to be willing to provide. Once we know the birthmother's wishes, we evaluate our list of couples hoping to adopt and, after much prayer, choose the family or families that most closely match her wishes. Families who have given a complete portfolio with pictures (and have had a home study done if time is short) are given priority. We tell her about that family, but do not reveal their identity or location. If she agrees that it sounds like a good match and the birth mother has chosen an open adoption, a meeting is set up so that everyone can meet face to face. Only after that meeting is held and both the birth mother and the adoptive family agree that it is a good match is any additional information released, as agreed upon by everyone. Of course, each adoption is unique and we encourage you to consult an attorney for what can be expected in your case.