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What Do I Need to Prove to a Judge That Joint Custody is the Best Interest?

What do I need to prove to a judge that joint custody is the best interest? My ex-wife relocated 2000 miles away 2 years ago. I received visitation rights all summer and every school break. Now she has come back and is taking me to court to modify the visitation schedule. I have asked her to do a joint schedule, 7 days on and 7 days off, but she absolutely refuses. What do I need to present to judge that this arrangement will benefit my child? We will be living just 10 miles from one another. If we did just every other weekend I will only be gaining 14 more days a year than when she lived 2000 miles away. My child and I have a very strong relationship and she also has a half-sibling living at my house, and they would all benefit from seeing one another on a more frequent basis.

If you have not already hired an attorney, you need to do so right away. You must file an answer within 30 days of being served or you will not have an opportunity to argue your case. Do not go to Court and hope to represent yourself. You have a very strong argument in favor of joint custody, and, although the Courts in NW Arkansas have not been in favor of joint custody in the past, there have been more decisions in the past year granting joint custody. It can vary from Judge to Judge on what the Court expects when making a decision on joint custody. Please see an experienced family law attorney right away.