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Should I Seek Joint or Full Custody if my Wife Had an Affair?

I need advice on whether to seek full custody or joint custody. My wife has had 11 affairs in the last year and now wants to move. She wants to take our daughter and get a divorce. One lawyer told me that joint custody was my best option and another lawyer says that I should definitely go for full custody. I’m confused. I fear that my wife may try to move away with our 8-year-old if I don’t get full custody and I fear her bringing other men around her.

This is a tough question to answer. I can tell you that the judges in Benton County very much prefer a custody arrangement where the parents work together to preserve the child’s relationship with both parents. And I can also tell you that Benton County judges believe that adultery is directly contrary to that goal. You should talk to experienced family law attorneys until you find one you are comfortable with. No one can tell you exactly what our judges will do, but an experienced family law attorney will be able to give you a good opinion. I will also add that if you decide you want to pursue full custody initially but later decide joint custody would be in your child’s best interest, you can tell your attorney to negotiate with your wife’s attorney to reach an agreement.