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Is There a Difference Between Joint Custody and Dual Custody?

Is there a difference between joint custody and dual custody; if so what is the difference?

I have a 16 yr old daughter who has been in the juvenile system going on 3 years now. And has been in counseling for the same amount of time. She’s in the system mainly for behavior problems during school and she has ran away from home a few times. She was also seeing a psychologist and was on medication for about a year. We seem to be making no progress in her behavior, both the psychologist and counselor feel that she is not benefiting from their service. She has been wanting to go stay with her dad and her counselor seems to think a change may be helpful. Her dad has agreed to take her if I agree to dual custody. I searched online but was unable to find info on dual custody. Thank you in advance.

In Arkansas, the term is joint custody and it has a literal meaning, unlike in some other states. Joint custody means your daughter spends exactly the same time with you and her dad. If you live in different cities, joint custody will not be possible. If you live in the same city and your daughter can attend the same school regardless of which parent she is living with, she could spend every other week with you and then with your husband.