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Modifying Child Support in Arkansas

When it comes to child support, many parents are concerned about how long the payments must be made and whether or not they can modify the amount. The answer depends on the state you live in and its laws regarding child support. The family law attorneys at Martin Attorneys, PA share what this process looks like in Arkansas.

What is Considered a ‘Change of Circumstance’?

In order to modify your child support agreement, there must be a ‘change of circumstance’ that warrants a modification. This could include a parent:

  • Getting a new job;
  • Losing their job;
  • Getting an increase or decrease in their income;
  • Having more children (applies to either parent); or,
  • Taking on more responsibility for the children.

In other words, if something has changed significantly since the original order was established that affects the ability of one party to pay or receive payments, it may be possible to change the child support amount ordered by the court.

How Do I Go About Modifying My Child Support Order?

If you seek to modify your child support agreement due to a change of circumstance, you must file a motion with the court that issued your original order. You must provide evidence supporting your argument for why the modification is necessary. This could include proof of income (such as pay stubs), additional expenses (such as medical bills), or other documents demonstrating financial hardship or circumstances changes since your original order was issued. After filing your motion with the court, it will review all documents provided and decide whether to modify your order.

When Can I Expect My Modified Order To Take Effect?

Once the court has approved your motion for modification, it will issue an amended order with revised payment amounts based on the new circumstances presented by both parties. It is important to note that this process can take several weeks or even months depending on how busy the court system is at any given time.

Additionally, any modifications made by the court will only apply prospectively. This means the court can only alter past due payments, and payments must still be made according to the terms outlined in your original agreement until a new court-approved modification takes effect.

Have Questions About Modifying Child Support in Arkansas?

Modifying child support in Arkansas can be complicated but necessary if certain circumstances arise after the court has set an initial agreement. If you need to modify your child support agreement due to changes in employment status or other factors affecting your ability to make payments on time, contact Martin Attorneys, PA. Our experienced Arkansas family law attorneys can help guide you through this process and ensure all documents are properly filed and submitted to the court for review and approval. With proper guidance from experts familiar with these types of cases, parents can rest assured knowing their case has been handled properly and efficiently throughout each step.

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