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Parents’ Rights During a DHS Interview

What are the rights of parents during a DHS interview?

This is a very broad question that cannot be answered easily. Parents have Constitutional rights in a child custody case that too often over zealous DHS workers ignore. If DHS is investigating a complaint against you I strongly urge you to retain an attorney to represent you and put DHS on notice that you have counsel. Unfortunately, I have been told by parents that they have been threatened to have their children taken if they don’t admit to fault regardless of whether it has been proven or not. There are good DHS workers out there but there are many that abuse their authority and there is very little oversight with this agency with many people trying to get that changed. Hiring an attorney will be money well spent.

While there are many good DHS workers, they have a heavy caseload with many different complaints they must investigate. You need an attorney who represents YOU and your children. Contact our team with assistance and guidance for your specific legal situation.