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I Currently Have Joint Custody. Can I get full custody?

We have joint custody with the mother designated as primary custodial parent. (Not sure what that means). But, she has gone back to her old ways and is now not communicating with me and my daughter is going through a lot of serious behavioral issues. Can I seek full legal custody of my daughter? If so, what facts do I need to back this up.

To get a change in your custody order, you have to show there has been a material change in circumstances since the last order was signed. If your child’s mother is not exercising her time with your daughter and is having behavioral issues, that is grounds for a Judge to change the custody and award you full custody.

In Arkansas joint custody means that the child spends half their time with one parent, half with the other. One of the things we always ask a client who is going into a custody fight is “What is the worse thing your ex will say about you in a custody fight?” You definitely need to see an experienced family law attorney who can help you answer these questions