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Does a Will Count if it is on a Computer?

This is a probate issue. we have until oct 3 to answer. Stepsons claim there is a will but not located. IN laptop??

I just need to know If My 2 sons are entitled to any of My x husband's estate. They were raised by him and he left them as beneficiary in his life insurance and 401k.

He also told them he had a will we can not locate. brother took his lap top brother put all of x husbands 1/3 of their father's estate and all x husbands assets we acquired during our marriage and after my divorce in his name though there is another brother. Stepson has been and is still living on property, and brother hounding him for rent now. or leave. says no will in laptop of x husband. do the stepsons have a case. x husband has proclaimed to everyone friends neighbors ect. that the boys are to inherit his 1/3 of his father's property and all of his personal property.

For a will to be valid in Arkansas it must be properly witnessed and notarized. The original will must be presented to the Court when a probate case is opened. It sounds like that is not possible in this instance. That means that your ex-husband died intestate, or without a will. Probate is still required before his property can be distributed to his heirs. Probate is a process that takes a minimum of six months and can take much longer. You need to contact an attorney experienced in Probate right away. This is not something that can be handled without the help of an attorney.