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Having the “Talk” With Parents — When to Bring Up Estate Planning

With the holidays upon us, many families will be gathering together. While this may not seem like the best time to talk about estate planning, many choose to do so. Most importantly, it’s critical to have this conversation at some point rather than not at all. Below are a few reasons why.

Better Understanding of Assets

If you’re having “the talk” for the first time, you will better understand your parent’s wishes for their estate. This can be helpful in the event that something happens to them and you need to make decisions about their estate.

Supporting Your Parents

Knowing your parents’ wishes will help you support and assist them as they age. If you know their estate plan, you can also help them implement it as they get older.

Resolve Potential Disagreements

Learning about your parent’s estate plan can help you resolve any disagreements about the estate. If there are any questions or disputes about the estate, having this information can help to resolve them.

Help With Your Estate Plan

Understanding your parents’ estate plan will also be beneficial as you prepare for your own estate planning. This can be especially helpful if you have questions about how to start your own estate plan.

Build a Stronger Relationship

Talking to your parents about their estate plan can help you build a better relationship with them. This can be a meaningful way to connect with your parents and learn more about their thoughts and wishes for their estate.

Let Martin Attorneys, PA Help You With Your Estate Planning Needs

You can create an estate plan on your own, but it’s best not to do so. An experienced estate planning attorney is essential during this process. The team at Martin Attorneys, PA can ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes and protect your loved ones from unnecessary stress. We can also help you create a plan that meets your unique needs and ensures that your wishes are carried out.

If you’re unsure whether estate planning is right for you or you’re ready to start an estate plan, contact Martin Attorneys, PA. We are here to help. (479) 888-2039