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If you are involved in a serious injury resulting from a car accident, a truck rollover or a motorcycle crash in Northwest Arkansas , you should contact Martin Attorneys, P.A. to determine how you should best be compensated for financial, emotional and physical damages resulting from the accident.

We can seek a proper financial judgment that will allow a victim to live out his or her life in their own home, with accommodations allowing them the ability to live the life they deserve. This can include home remodeling, modified transportation, medical devices, or home health aids.

If you have been injured in Northwest Arkansas , or in an accident along I-540, I-40 in Arkansas or US Highways 71, 62, 412 or Route 16, 59, 23 or 127, please contact Martin Attorneys, P.A. are Attorneys who have been meeting the needs of accident victims in Northwest Arkansas , for nearly 20 years.

So, don’t delay. If you have suffered personal injury due to an accident, your individual situation must be reviewed by a qualified lawyer. If you wait too long, it is possible that your claim can be dismissed as a matter of law. If you need to know the timeframe to file an accident claim under Arkansas law, the law firm of Martin Attorneys, P.A. can provide necessary assistance.

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