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Why Hire Martin Attorneys?

The talented and compassionate legal team at Martin Attorneys, PA understands that tough times can weigh you down. That is why clients throughout Northwest Arkansas turn to our law firm for assistance with Divorce or Custody problems, money struggles, and Accident compensation. We are familiar with the stress and worry that go along with these types of legal issues, and with our reliable counsel and dedicated team of professionals backing you, you can feel confident your best interests will be protected as you navigate the legal process. We proudly serve clients who live in Bentonville, Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale, and all of Northwest Arkansas.


Trey Robbins: I do think the spirit of this law firm is different than most.

Holly Martin: We recognize that people who come to our firm are hurting. We look at every one of our clients as people.

Trey Robbins: The people on the other side of the table are just that; they’re people. They’re not that much different than you. We struggle with--to pay our mortgages sometimes, too. We’re raising children. We’re very much like you.

Mauria Kempe: I think our law firm takes a different approach to our clients. They’re not a number to us. And that’s important to me. I’m not here to make a profit off of people. I’m here to help them through probably one of the most difficult times they’ll face in their lives.

Michael Chase: It is only temporary. And it will pass, and you’ll get a fresh start, and you’ll get to move on with your life.

Holly Martin: It’s very important to us that clients are treated fairly and that they are treated like real people.

Eric Backstrom: Life is repleat with situations that are difficult. As a lawyer, what I get to do is I get to take that law, and I get to help people through those situations. More than anything else, we care about our clients.

Shea Crosby: We’re here to help. All the attorneys here really do have a goal of helping people through difficult times.

Holly Martin: People are just doing the best they can. That’s all anybody asks of anybody. And congress understands that. That’s all that anybody’s asked to do. Do what you can.

Eric Backstrom: I wanted to be a lawyer to make a difference. When I became a lawyer, I could make a difference. I can help people. That’s an ability that’s priceless, in my opinion.

Shea Crosby: I care about what your issues are. And your issues are important, and I make them my issues.

Steve Fisher: The most important thing is to have the ability to utilize the system to right wrongs.

Eric Backstrom: It’s not just about the bottom line. It’s not just about pushing cases through. It is about being there for people, helping them through their difficult situations, ultimately allowing them to get to the end of this difficult situation and be better off. We’re going to work with you to get to the end you want, to help you overcome those hurdles. Everything in life is difficult. Everything has challenges. What our job is, is to come alongside you, and help aid you through those challenges.

Trey Robbins: We’ll give you the strength and courage to go after your dreams.

Eric Backstrom: For every challenge encountered, there is an opportunity for growth.

Steve Fisher: Because the doors we open and close each day…

Mauria Kemp: ...Decide the lives we live.

Trey Robbins: Life isn’t about all the wrong moves you make.

Mauria Kemp: It’s about the one right move that made all the difference.

Eric Backstrom: You can’t go back and make a brand new start.

Holly Martin: But you can start now and make a brand new ending.