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Personal Injury


Holly Martin: A personal injury claim is an accident where you’ve been injured by someone else through no fault of your own. There’s all kinds of ways that you could have a personal injury claim. We can take care of all the details that you need to get compensated for your pain, your suffering, your medical bills…


The most important thing to think about is that insurance is generally involved, and when there’s insurance involved, the most important thing to remember is the insurance adjuster is not your friend. They want you to settle it for the lowest amount of money, right then and there, before you even know the extent of your injuries. And the most important thing you can do is not talk to them.


Please don’t delay getting the treatment that you need. Too many people hurt their claim by not getting the treatment that they need. It’s very important that you show you’re working on trying to get well. Because you will forget the nightmares. You will forget the pain...The fact that you can’t even hug your child. It’s really helpful if you would keep a diary of how much pain and suffering you did go through. Please don’t delay.