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We have decided that we want to adopt a baby. What more should we know?

First and foremost, please pray that God will guide you through this process, that He will find the solution that He means for your family, whether that is a the right baby or even no baby. Write to every attorney and doctor to get your name out as a couple wishing to adopt. One attorney in our area that you should contact is Gene Kelly at 479-636-1051. Tell all of your family and friends and ask them to pray for you during this process. Get financing lined up for the cost of adoption if you cannot afford to pay $5,000 to $15,000 or more. Make sure that the money for this adoption is earmarked and that you both agree on what you are willing to spend. Get a home study done--you can contact Paula Matthews at 479-582-9020 for a home study or for a referral to another social worker that can do a home study. Put together a portfolio with pictures that you would show to a prospective birthmother. Be sure you have more than one copy! Finally, please remember that birthmothers are usually fragile. They have made a decision out of abiding love for the baby and it is not fair to them to meet a prospective adoptive couple and have it fall through. Please be certain this is God's will for you before you take that step.