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When an elderly family member who suffers from dementia or some other illness is unable to take care of themselves, family members often seek the advice of professional lawyers for counsel of live care planning issues.

In certain cases, assistance can come in the form of a living will, a health care surrogate or a durable power of attorney. But, if the elder is at a point where he or she can no longer understand and sign these documents, the courts will appoint a guardian to protect their interests. At this point the elder becomes a ward of the state.

Guardianship can be an emotionally sensitive proceeding, that is often time consuming, expensive and complicated. Our attorneys have been working in the Springdale, Arkansas area since 1989, and can help understand the difficult nature of guardianship proceedings, including the court procedures, incapacity determinations and annual accountings, inventories and plans for the wards care.

Additionally, guardianship can involve minors.

In some cases, Martin Attorneys, P.A. can help plan for guardianship, providing care prior to a determined state of incapacity. In other cases, we can provide counsel after incapacity has been determined.

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